Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's New at The Gift RX?


All of those wonderful new changes that were made to The Gift MD have now been rolled out to our sister site, The Gift RX!

  • A SEARCH BAR on every page. Not finding what you're looking for? Our search bar has access to millions of designs and products in the Zazzle Marketplace. Give it a try!
  • An up to date DISCOUNT BANNER, highlighting current promotions. There is something on sale almost every day!
  • PRODUCT ZOOM! Hover your mouse over an image and it will magnify at 3 times the original size. Very cool!
The Gift RX has gifts for all of life's 'a little less serious' health and medical issues. From puberty to menopause, childbirth to old age, from little annoyances to big pains in the you know what, The Gift RX has the prescription to make anyone feel better.

Drop by for a visit sometime.

Accidents | Baldness | Birthdays | Menopause | Old Age | PMS | Puberty | Retirement | Childbirth | Vasectomy | Dentures | Braces | Tooth Fairy | Cold & Flu | Fitness | Smoking | Surgery | Toilet Humor | Weight Gain/Loss | And more....

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's New at The Gift MD?


For weeks, I have had my 'nose to the grindstone' making improvements to the website, and I'm finally ready to reveal the new look!

So, what improvements have been made?

First, I have added a SEARCH BAR to every category to make it easier for you to drill down on your specific needs. Now that The Gift MD offers products from many other designers, there are thousands of products and pages to sift through. Narrow down your search by using keywords that are more focussed to your needs.

We've added a banner highlighting current DISCOUNTS. There is something on sale almost every day!

My favorite update is the new ZOOM feature! Can't see the detail or read the text in the design? Hover your mouse over the product and it will zoom in at 3 times the original size, with crystal clear visibility. Very cool!

Lastly, The Gift MD is ready for CHRISTMAS!! That's right. It's only October, but we've added a section in each category for Christmas items - Greeting Cards, U.S. Postage, Ornaments, Apparel, Mugs & Drinkware, and Beverage Coasters. Interested in another product that isn't listed? Try using the search bar with keywords like: "Christmas Magnet" or "Christmas iPhone 5 case". 

I'm pretty excited about these latest improvements and hope it makes your shopping experience more enjoyable. Drop in for a visit to check out the new and improved site!

Shop by ribbon color. It's just what the doctor ordered!